We are proud to provide our guests with a phenomenal Shidduch program. Well known Shadchanim from different communities will be available to meet our guests throughout Yom Tov. Our Shadchanim lead workshops and forums for singles and their parents providing insights and tips. Our Shadchanim continue to work for our guests throughout the year! Each year we see successful shidduchim come about through our Yom Tov Hotel programs!​


Rabbi Shlomo Yonoson Harris is a noted talmid chacham with expertise in many areas, including chinuch and shiduchim. Rabbi Harris is a Beis Medrash Magid Shiur in Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim, where the talmidim line up by his door for his insightful guidance and eitza. Rabbi Harris is an internationally sought after shadchan, with over 60 successful shiduchim (including from past years of our Pesach Program!). Additionally, Rabbi Harris serves as the Rav of the Chofetz Chaim Alumni minyan. ​

Mrs. Judy Bodner, a highly popular and successful Shadchan for over 20 years, originally from Columbus, OH, is also a certified Life Coach specializing in Dating, Relationships and building Self Esteem. She is a perceptive and caring Shadchan who works tirelessly to find matches and to advocate on behalf of the people she meets. Judy teaches and is the Mechaneches at Tiferes Bnos Yisroel (TBY) Seminary in Flatbush, NY. In addition to the one on one counseling she provides to her students at TBY, Judy has a private practice serving the Tri-State area. Judy and her husband Rabbi Pinchus Bodner reside in Monsey, NY.

Mrs. Chana Rose is a seasoned professional with close to 30 years of experience as a Shadchan. Her remarkable energy, compassion and concern is clearly evident.  Articles of her impressive success have been written in Ami Magazine, Mishpacha, and Bina among others. Each week she writes the "Ask The Shadchan" Column in the FJJ. Mrs. Rose lives in Flatbush, NY where together with her husband, Rabbi Ben Zion, a choshuva talmid of Rav Aharon, Zt”l, she has much nachas from their eight married children.

Alisa Berger from Lawrence, NY, has been working with singles and setting them up for over 20 years. She is involved in various aspects of the Shidduch world, including organizing singles events, being part of many different Shidduch groups and is a shadchan for the adopt a shadchan program. Alisa is also a dating coach and works with singles of all ages.

Guests are encouraged to send Shidduch resumes to our shadchanim before Yom Tov.

They can be reached at rabbisyharris@gmail.com, jbodner@optonline.net and chanarose36@verizon.net